Barretini Yoga FLOW

Duration XX

Candlelit, hip-hop yoga flow. Each class is set to 85 degrees using infrared technology. Elements of Pilates and Barre exercises are incorporated to achieve ones fitness goals. Each class incorporates dynamic movement, resistance training, and cardiovascular fitness to maximize caloric output. We will tap into the creative art of yoga through a safe and fun yoga sequence, with music playlists that include artists like Cardi B and Kendrick Lamar. These techniques combined with the principles of Yoga, including stabilization, mindfulness, breath, and precision create a full mind-body connection. Level 2.


Barretini Yoga HIIT

Duration XX

Candlelit, yoga flow. Each class is set to 85 degrees to make the room nice and cozy. We flow through each sequence with intention, integrating postures that will open and stretch the body. By linking breath to movement, this class is designed to deepen the mind-body connection through a fun and safe vinyasa practice. All levels welcome.