about barretini

Barretini is a program that offers a wide range of classes inspired by Barre, Pilates and Yoga. The classes offered at BARRETINI include: Barretini, Barretini Shaken, Barretini Yoga HIIT, and Barretini Yoga FLOW. In these classes, elements of Pilates and Barre are incorporated to achieve one’s fitness goals. Creating a full body workout that equally challenges, lengthens, and sculpts all body parts. These techniques combined with the principles of Yoga, including stabilization, concentration, breath and precision create a full mind-body connection.



Duration XX

A one hour ballet based workout which incorporates classic ballet barre moves, using one's own body weight as resistance. All levels welcome.

(Includes traditional ballet barre exercises, resistance training and light hand weights).


Barretini Shaken

Duration XX

A fast paced class yet promotes a sense of precision and mindfulness. It integrates all of the elements of a traditional Barretini class PLUS cardiovascular fitness to maximize caloric output. A sure way to get the body shaken! Level 2.

(This class is offered in a full hour and 30 minute format).